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Given below is the list of best desi nuskhe in multiple languages. We are provided you with the desi totkay in Urdu, English and your own text typing language for your health, beauty common diseases and conditions. Try our list of the best home remedies, beauty tips in Urdu and other languages. With these effective home remedies in a given time to see the best result. If the symptoms of your problem do not go away and have no improvement, then you should consult with your doctor and health care experts.

Medical home remedies can provide us with the benefits like saving money, improving our health, and even offering a greener or lifestyle. Old desi totkay in Urdu for health has been used for generations. Everyone has their mother grandmother chicken yakhni/soup recipe for cold care. Many women have their grandpa’s recipe for cough flow syrup which is sometimes very effective and help to get relief. We are sharing some of our tips and remedy on desi totkay for your help and informational purpose. 

So, you are here for solving your health and beauty problems with help of our desi totkay and nuskhe in Urdu, English and roman English.  

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